What makes Synergy Buzz different?

All our managing partners have worked at top agencies in the United States with years of hands on experience in their respective fields. Our business development department and managing partner work directly on your campaign, so they are not promising what they can not deliver. Internet Marketing has become more and more popular as technology advances. Consumers are working at the speed of light from their Blackberry's , iPhones & PDA's. We understand this and make sure that your web applications, marketing strategy and designs are fully compatible for mobile devices and are always seeking the latest in upgrades to help assist you as time goes by and changes are needed that are sensible and applicable to your campaign. Often times we get questions that would for the most part increase our bottom line, however we feel strongly about not selling products and services that are not needed for specific industry clients. We have grown from one customer to over 20 on a monthly basis and have been able to do so by being ethical, admitting mistake (we are human too) and always keeping you the customers, best interest in mind!  We very much look forward to getting to know you and help you exceed your own expectations.