Google Me!

Have you ever Googled your name or company name? What were the results? If you never have, you may be losing potential customers, as well as 1000s of dollars without even knowing. The reality of today is potential clients Google your name and your business name when considering doing business with you. Even current customers do in order to affirm he/she made the right decision. If you are like some professionals your name is your brand. These results can either reward or tarnish your brand.



How Much is Your Reputation Worth?


Synergy Buzz Marketing has formulated and defined a strategic process over time which has given us the ability to "own" a large portion of the first 20 results of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for a person's name or business on Google and other major search engines. This valuable service is called Online Reputation Management.

Neutralizing negative information displayed within the search results in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN by suppressing it with controlled content can be crucial if the existing results are damning. If you do not have negative information, that's quite fortunate. You should own results in case there is ever a potential problem. Every business has it's ups and downs as well customers whom are not always 100% satisfied. If these customers publish their strong views, unfounded or not, about your business your brand can be tainted. Arm your search engine results with the protection of listings which you have control over.


Our Online Reputation Management Process


Our process uses white-hat SEO and Social Media and proprietary linking techniques which help to ensure your persona is represented in a good light online by creating, monitoring, maintaining, and managing your online reputation. With a staff of SEO experts and a proven blueprint incorporating SEO best practices we can help you obtain the fastest, longest-lasting, highest SERP saturation possible.


Standard Reputation Management Services:



* Create Your Reputation


We create an online persona for you the client. The creation process is the first step in taking you from non-existent online to a well-rounded search engine reputation. Your website is NOT reputation. Customers are more likely to believe what other websites say about you than what you say on your own website. It is Synergy Buzz's goal in the creation process to populate the web with information pertaining to you and your company's expertise.


* Monitor Your Reputation


Search engines can be automatically pinged for all mentions of you name and/or derivatives using specific tools. We can provide an application which will alert you and us when your name, product, company, service, are mentioned by name on blog posts, articles, news sites, social media platforms in order for you or us as your online reputation managers to respond to appropriately.


* Maintain Your Reputation


In order to maintain the results achieved through the creation of the persona Synergy Buzz Marketing will continue to add new content to various interconnected strategic web sites. Keeping content "fresh" is a proactive measure which will minimize possible occurrence of negative or incorrect results.


* Manage Your Reputation


We can manage multiple reputation assets of your reputation management campaign controlled and updated in one place with minimal logins. We also consistently update and incorporate interlinking synchronization between existing and newly added assets. Publish and edit bulk new text content uploads (bio profiles, professional profiles, blog posts, Life Streaming websites) and syndicate to several sites at one time on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in creating or improving your online reputation through a strategic management program, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.