The Challenge

With a strong image-based brand identity, and a pre-existing website, Power Jack Foundation Repair was "all dressed up with no place to go."  This DFW-based home foundation repair company had a quality website, but was only receiving a small amount of traffic based on their name from advertising using traditional media messages.  Many of these paid messages were fleeting and expensive.  The owner and CEO had already spent almost 1 million dollars in radio, TV, and newspaper over the last few years resulting in unscalable, temporary results, and had accrued a large debt to pay back.  Power Jack even had invested in a well-produced, award-winning TV commercial aired as well as published on their website.  Power Jack Foundation Repair came to Synergy Buzz Interactive Marketing seeking a marketing company which could procure high value leads, without the super high costs of traditional media. Realizing the power of online marketing and in need of an experienced firm, Power Jack relied on Synergy Buzz’s Internet Marketing expertise to give them a solid marketing foundation and new way of lead generation.

The Solution

Synergy Buzz’s strategy was to appeal to the curiosity of every homeowner by posing the question ," Is my biggest asset losing value by not having a strong foundation?"  and the irresistible offer of a "No obligation quote." Using the proven Internet Marketing methods and research recognizing what areas and which platforms in which Power Jack could excel, Synergy Buzz  implemented those "low hanging fruit" activities which have historically generated leads.  One method was publishing knowledge-based articles explaining common warning signs a home owner may experience when facing the need for foundation repair, as well as explaining how a weak foundation could result in devaluation of property.  Several articles were picked up by many major home improvement ezines and blogs resulting in a relative large amount of traffic relative to the industry. Many classic SEO, and SEM, tactics were also used to attract highly-qualified localized homeowners. These tactics included: content and code optimization, link building in niche directories, adding an article-rich blog,  on-site conversion and credibility enhancements,  building a suburb info landing page directory, refining the on-site sales funnel,  using ROI-based pay-per-click advertising through Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, and other techniques.

The Results

Synergy Buzz Interactive Marketing quadrupled Power Jack's traffic from less than 800 visitors a month peaking at over 4,000, in less than four months. Some weeks yielded up to 80 leads coming from phone and contact form submissions. Using a closing ratio of one in three, 26 sales were completed over one week ranging in value of $5000 to $15,000 per sale. The client was able to bring in 100k to over 300k in home foundation repair deals from one week of business.  Synergy Buzz Interactive Marketing achieved top four rankings on major search engines for their main terms including foundation repair, landscape drainage, Fort Worth, Dallas, and other suburbs, along with national placement under generic terms.