Internet Banner Ads: Most Ignored

Internet Banner Ads: Most Ignored
What lies ahead for the banners and for the banner marketers?
By no doubt, we are in an era which probably has the most number of people going online and checking out the World Wide Web everyday. The internet is no longer just a hotbed of information, it is also a powerful and effective means to generate more income especially during times such as now when recession besets the global economy.
People have found a wide range of ways to generate income online. Selling products through the web introduced online shopping. But more than anything else, blogging has paved its way to become one of the easiest and most convenient ways to generate money online. One of the most common and highly-practiced ways to earn revenues through blogging is through search ads and banners. But now we ask ourselves, are search advertisements really effective? How compelling are these banner ads that we usually allow them to occupy three-fourths of our entire page payout?
An early June poll survey conducted by Harris Interactive reveals that more than 50% of 2,521 adult respondents from the U.S. claim that they ignore internet banner ads. In the poll, respondents were asked what types of ads are most helpful and what are most ignored. Let’s take a quick look at some of the findings:
The most compelling and helpful ad in making a purchase decision are television ads. 37% of the total respondents believed so. This is followed by newspaper ads with 17%. Search engine ads came in third with 14%. Radio ads got 3% while internet banner ads got only 1 percent proving to be least compelling among the advertisement types. 28% of the total respondents also claimed that none of these advertisements can compel them in making a purchase decision.
And what are the ad types that people are most likely to ignore?
It may be a little bit difficult to accept this but 46% - almost half of the respondents – said that they usually ignore internet banner ads. Search ads with 17% respondents come second. TV ads follow with 13% and radio ads with 9%. The ad type which is less likely to be ignored are the advertisements that you see in newspapers with only 6%. 10% of the respondents said that they do not ignore any of these ads. However, a very interesting note to ponder is that the survey proved that respondents from the younger age bracket said that they find search advertisements less helpful and compelling than the older ones.
So what lies ahead for banner ads?
Yes, the survey just proved that banner ads are the most ignored type of advertisement by nearly 50% of the Americans. The findings of course had to to do largely with regional and age differences:
* Half of the respondents under within the age bracket 35-44 said they ignored internet banner ads.
* 51% of those who ignored banner ads came from the Midwest.
* Around 20% of Americans between the age 18 and 34 claimed that internet search engine advertisements were not compelling.
Harris Interactive further states that these findings deserve a little thinking especially among internet marketers. While yes, internet techniques remain a very essential foundation to a successful ad campaign, banner ads are the most ignored.
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