How Math Can Save your Online Marketing Campaign...

Remember when you were sitting in high school and you looked at the board and there was a bunch of algorythms that your teacher wanted the class to solve and you thought to yourself, "When will I ever use this again?".  If you are anything like me, math was not my favorite subject and since I had zero plans of becoming an engineer or rocket scientist, I truly remember thinking "this is pointless"! 

Funny enough, (for me), years later owning a marketing company that specializes in gaining customers results, math comes in to play every single day and is a critcal step towards helping our customers gain the results they need to acquire more customers and visibility on the web.  One of my favorite go-to sites on the web isa company called Marketing Experiments. These guys offer awesome information from eveything to pretty page vs ugly page testing, strategy, lead generation, landing page optimization and much much more. They also start every fundamental process by using math to understand what they are dealing with and how they need to get to the next step.  Research, Strategy, Test and Deliver is what I take a away from these guys every time Im stumped on a a difficult task and they always come through for me.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Bob Kemper - Director of Science at Marketing Experiments on one occasion and the topic of making science becomes much sexier when you know that it can help your clients cash register ring!

So if its been a while since you've utilized your math skills, get excited, it might jsut be what you need to turn your business around on the web!