Why Your Business Should Not Go Gaga Over Twitter

Why Your Business Should Not Go Gaga Over Twitter
Twitter has been one of the most trendy and hyped social media platforms on the web right now, but that does not necessarily mean it is the most effective. In fact, it may even be said that the hype Twitter gets is actually just the effect of the kind of marketing that does not involve the style intended for Twitter. Here’s why:
According to a recent released report from a LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll, the rate of active advertisers on the web believing in the advertising capability and efficiency of Twitter as a micro-blogging tool does not go beyond 8%.
Interestingly, it was also shown among different social-networks that the released report also seemed to have made everyone whom their marketing strategy involves Twitter hesitant to rely entirely of the life of their business on a micro-blogging tool and forget the rest of their strategies to have success online.
This is exactly why you and your business platform should not go “ga-ga” over Twitter in accordance with the hype it has been receiving. Consider the structure of basic essentials of good branding and marketing and you will realize micro-blogging frenzy such as Twitter can sometimes be nothing more than a fleeting fad, if you do not use it as intended. Twitter is only one piece of a long term Social Media strategy.
When discussing the basic essentials of marketing, one is remiss if the analysis on the Web 2.0 situation is left out, as nothing in social networking and marketing nowadays seems to substantially work without talking about the current state of Web 2.0, which is the seemingly relentless wave of competition.
In this kind of competitive environment, many marketing factors are needed for a well-restructured campaign for a business to be successful online. Among these essential online marketing elements are (1) good branding, (2) product quality (3)solid customer service.
Good Branding
The research study above stated Twitter suggests the great importance of advertising name to a product, is a clear indication that a success of a product depends substantially to how it is packaged. On the web, there’s nothing more important to branding a product than a user-friendly product website. However, not even the greatest website can do something about a product if in the first place the brand that a certain product is advertising is just blowing smoke and is now what it claims. This is why, along with a good branding, product quality plays a great marketing tool in a business’s success.
Product Quality
There is no better way to make a product the best there is in the market than asking the people about what they really want from your products. Also, the products that are of best quality should always be made sure to be included and conveyed in the advertising plan of the business endeavor. No great detail about the great product should be left unadvertised.
Solid Customer Service
With good marketing comes great feedback and a product warranty. Make sure that the marketing style you do is also involved in addressing the importance of post-monitoring product assessment such as call hotlines for product problems and email response for questions and suggestions from customers.
With all these essential elements of fundamental marketing strategies, it is no surprise that the research poll above also showed the “lukewarm” feelings of hesitance and disbelief of the effectiveness of promoting products through Twitter. With these suggestions, you will see that the fundamentals are really necessary to achieve great marketing success.