Week of May 3rd, 2009 - What’s Buzzing?

Every week, here at Synergy Buzz Marketing we put together a list of some of the most compelling recent internet marketing news being discussed and written about across the Internet marketing blogger blogosphere. We try to separate out the signal from the noise in our weekly blog post What’s Buzzing? Week of April 26th edition - Internet Marketing Links with News You Can Use

Yahoo! Gets Analytics for Advertisers to Rival Google
The second biggest search engine is now offering a similar free analytics too to Google Analytics.
Web Analytics experts experts, business owners, and marketing professionals like to see their results, why should Google have all the fun? Now Yahoo! gets to see their adviser organic data as well. Read more about their latest post Serious Analytics. Get 6 more fresh links by clicking

Google Giving Away Business Cards
Since offering and promoting the new Google Profile page, Google is finding new ways of promoting their service. They have teamed up with iPrint.com and are giving away 25 business cards per person for the first 10,000 people to stake their claim. The cards will of course have their Google Profile address on them. Read more about it on the latest SearchEngineLand.com’s blog post titled
Google Giving Away 250,000 Google Profile Business Cards.

Content Law of Attraction for Customers
Sonia Simone, Senior Editor of Copyblogger.com, wrote a captivating recent post on how you should structure your quality content releases using a birthday cake analogy and touching on what your pitch to pointers ratio should be. Read more about how web content works by reading
How to Use Content to Find Customers.

Matt Cutts Gets New Blog Design
Mouthpiece of Google to the SEO world, Matt Cutts, finally changes his blog look/design after 3 years.
Check out his new domain and blog over at

Don’t Burn Bridges - Stop Unfollowing on Twitter
Gerald Weber talks about how it’s a bad idea to unfollow people on Twitter and gives some compelling reasons.
Social Media Marketing experts know this, but not all Twitter users do. Read more on his opinion over on SearchEngineJournal.com’s latest post Why It’s a Terrible Idea to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter.

Video on Dangers of SEO on SEOmoz.com
SEOs and
Internet marketers know the difference between a link which is “dofollow” and one which is “nofollow.” Get the lo down on some of the dangers of the nofollow.  Read more and watch videos on SEOMoz’s latest post titled

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