Utilizing your network the create your net-worth! 10 tips towards customer service that can change the way you do business.

Utilizing your network the create your net-worth! 10 tips towards customer service that can change the way you do business. 
I have worked in sales for most of my life and absolutely love it. I’ve had many a jobs from working as a Sonic carhop to selling men’s clothing at Nordstrom to quitting my job and starting a web marketing company strictly because I had enough requests from friends and referrals for giving great advice! Yes, it is hard to believe but it’s true. I worked for several web development and marketing agencies and was tired of the transition that took place from prospecting (which I love), finding the right company(who d you like out there) and closing the sale (woohoo) to only see all my hard work go down the drain once my job was finished and project managers with zero personality, cocky junior designers and stale developers are now the ones talking with the person or company I’ve spent so hard at creating value too. I promised I would never do that to another customer again. I’ve successfully started, operated and increased my company’s value for over a year 100% through referrals. I truly believe if you follow these small behaviors and rules for your business, you will attract more prospects, gain more business and create more long-term customers who like you!

  1. Get up, get out and be social! You can’t gain more clients sitting behind a computer all day long that will give you any long term value. You must build relationships with people who like you and trust you.
  2. CARE… Huh? yes you must actually be interested in working on your clients projects. If you focus on money first and client second, you will eventually fail….
  3. Be social online too. In today’s world we are tech junkies. It’s critical you network with other people that could help you gain more business. If your a web developer, network with internet marketing and softwares sales specialists, I guarantee you that they just might now someone looking for a new website. 80% of my web design and development clients came from friends looking for marketing. There are some really amazing people you can learn from.
  4. Do your ABC’s - Just like in Real Estate, Always Be Closing - If you are really good at what you do, people will get excited about working with you and will jump on board if you truly deliver results. Once again, I highly suggest you team up with other industry folks to do this.
  5. Get Creative - There are so many wonderful ways you can gain new customers. Online their are some amazing resources such as oDesk and Elance along with meetup.com that offer a plethora of groups that are looking for industry experts, could that be you? Craigslist is also a great way to find new customers, you may not make as much as you would like at first but it will drive business opportunities.
  6. If you are a larger web development company or agency and looking for higher clientele, do excellent work and offer amazing customer service! This in my opinion is the #1 reason big companies loose clients and go with more personable companies.
  7. Cold calling is still effective and works if you have a great portfolio - Go after clients you want to work with. If your a hunter, go after the hunting industry, love beauty, target retail, online stores, luxury and day spas. People can pick up on why you are truly calling.
  8. Do something different every day and meet someone new. This is one of my absolutes. I’ve met clients at school, happy hour, charity events, on the lake and trade shows and all of them where referred to me by someone I was with or that I knew.
  9. Follow Up! I cant stress this enough! The Fortune is in the Follow-Up! I can almost bank on every person reading this article that at some point in your life you didn’t call or email the person back that was interested in a timely manner and they went with someone else. Be tenacious, it works much better!
  10. My golden nugget rule #10 - Be gracious and give amazing customer service. Thank the people that refer you business! Send them a hand written note, a $50 gift card, cookies, take them to lunch and truly tell them how much you appreciate them for the referral. You wouldn’t believe how far a thank you and token of appreciation will get you! If your client calls you and you dont have the answer, do not avoid them, call or email them within a few hours and let them know you are working on their question and will have an answer soon. Remember how much it sucks to be ignored. Don’t Do it!

There are so many ways to create new business. Your network can truly be good to you if you reach out to them. Each month you can gain more and more clients if you truly care about them. Start focusing only on the money and they will leave as fast as they come. Focus on the relationship and your income might just triple!