SEO Undefined– Conversations About Nothing…

SEO Undefined– Conversations About Nothing…
The increasing rate of new blogs and bloggers publishing advertising products over the internet seems to be the most recent and exciting unprecedented trend in the web nowadays. Millions of people these past years have increasingly been drawn into the idea of starting their own blogs and linking-up with other people to produce a large social network of various web content, according to TEchnorati in 2008.
Journalists, small-time business owners and even ordinary people who had never even tried writing before already got caught into this web phenomenon so much, the future of Web 2.0 had been directed to primarily cater these people’s needs (e.g. Twitter, facebook, myspace, Ning, Digg, Delicious and on and on).
In such an event, it is no longer a surprise to see that the competition among these new blogs to gain the most number of regular visitors to their sites has never been more stiff.The recent release of the promising search-engine Bing developed by Microsoft and aimed to compete with the success of Google is a clear indication of this exciting global contest.
As a result, optimizing your site with these search engines plays a vital, if not a necessary role in a blog or website’s traffic. Prime and efficient search engine optimization (SEO), therefore, is key to getting your site ahead over the millions of blogs churned in the web by the minute. Web best Practices is becoming more crucial as competition stiffens.
optimizing your site and improving your rankings is mostly about patience. Some of the most core elements to SEO that are sometimes dismissed are good quality content and interest of people on that content, relevant one way backlinks, clear defined title tags that are not too keyword rich and good site architecture.
D. Keith Robinson, an associate editor of, even goes as far as admitting that “providing frequently updated content that people want to read (is the number one tip for SEO he can give)”
“Incoming links are key and if you can provide content that people will read and get something out of, there is a good chance they will link to that content”, Keith Robinson.
Most SEO pundits would even claim that the most necessary elements in optimizing a site’s ranking in any search engine is actually dependent mainly on the web design and coding a website has implemented; something nothing short of Bing Management Team themselves would disprove and an assumption most acclaimed SEO writers like Michael Miller will beg to disagree:
“Ultimately, people visit a given website because it has valuable content. If the content isn’t any good, all the SEO in the world won’t create new visitors.”, Michael Miller
In a nutshell, nobody can really stress enough the fact that search engine optimization is content-based and good, concise and effective quality writing plays an essential role to its success.