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Why Talking To Your SEO Is Best To Do Before Your Company Engages In A Redesign

Every week we get at least 10 requests from individuals and companies looking to build a website. After learning a bit about their ideas and goals, one of the first questions we ask is who their SEO firm or person is and if we can talk with them.

How Math Can Save your Online Marketing Campaign...

Remember when you were sitting in high school and you looked at the board and there was a bunch of algorythms that your teacher wanted the class to solve and you thought to yourself, "When will I ever use this again?".  If you are anything like me, math was not my favorite subject and since I had zero plans of becoming an engineer or rocket scientist, I truly remember thinking "this is pointless"! 

Linked In results revealed about Twitter

February of this month we launched a poll on LinkedIn asking female users about Twitter. The month before, I had received 100% male engagement so I re-posted asking the ladies.   Here are the results we received from the poll.

Rolland Safe and Lock Company

In December 2009, Rolland Safe and Lock Company launched a new interactive website that offers consumers multi-lingual capabilities, easy to use navigation, downloadable instruction forms, Facebook, Twitter and a news room. One of the areas Rolland wanted to improve was the usability of their website for consumers and offer a higher user experience.

No Fixed.Org - Ending fixed bids one agile web project at a time

Help show more vaule to your porjects and your worth. Stop fixed bid pricing this year! Together we can help grow projects that right way!


Take Years OFF Your skin at Evanesque MedSpa in Dallas, Texas

If you have been looking for a way to get rid of all those ugly acne scars, rosacea or wrinkles, our friends Barbara and Jeff at

Week of May 3rd, 2009 - What’s Buzzing?

Every week, here at Synergy Buzz Marketing we put together a list of some of the most compelling recent